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SharedWork Program

A shared win: Businesses win. Employees win. Communities win.

SharedWork is a voluntary business sustainability program that provides flexibility to retain employees at reduced hours. This informational video gives an overview showing how thousands of Washington employers have used the SharedWork program to:

  • · Support business stability

  • · Retain skilled workers

  • · Reduce payroll costs

  • · Be a smart alternative to layoffs

  • · Explore training programs that develop workforce skills

Eligibility requirements at a glance

Businesses must:

  • Be legally registered in Washington for at least six months prior to applying for the program.

  • Be current on unemployment taxes or a payment contract.

  • Have a tax rate less than 5.4 percent.

  • Enroll a minimum of two permanent employees in the SharedWork plan.

  • Comply with IRS, state, county and municipal laws, rules and ordinances.

Employees participating in SharedWork must:

  • Be hired permanently and paid hourly.

  • Be eligible for regular unemployment benefits, apply for benefits and submit weekly claims.

  • Be able to work all hours and be available for all work hours offered by the SharedWork employer.

Length of plan

An employer’s SharedWork plan can last up to one year. Employers may reapply at the end of the plan period.

How to Apply

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