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Client Testimonials

"Peter's been an essential resource for our company nearly since its inception. Smart, dedicated, willing to tackle new and different problem areas, and always keeping a positive attitude. He and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with."

Brendan Wilson - CEO

System Era Softworks

"Peter (and team) have been with us since day 1. They have been instrumental in our acquisitions, growth, and operational efficiencies. They were always available and completed all our needs. I would recommend Seattle Controller to any of my CEO friends." 

Geoff McDonald - CEO

“As a small business growing extremely fast, we needed more than just bookkeeping help.  I was introduced to Peter from a former colleague, and it turned out to be the best help we could have ever asked for.  He was so easy to work with and his expertise went above and beyond my expectations.  His team delivered the strategy and insight that helped us save money and become more efficient with our company accounting and financial management.  Peter was also integral in helping us meet our deadlines for our acquisition.  I highly recommend Seattle Controller.”

Ben Bounketh, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

WingPoint Group

"We were introduced to Seattle Controller due to our need for enhanced financial and accounting process and procedures. Peter was an excellent resource and quickly determined what functional areas of our company would benefit from streamlined and integrated accounting operations.


His comprehensive recommendations touched on multiple areas of our company to include AR, AP, employee payroll, time and tracking, inventory management and QuickBooks optimization. As a result we’ve increased efficiency, improved accuracy and developed a more holistic and well-organized system for managing critical accounting functions.


I would highly recommend Peter and the team at Seattle Controller. Even if your business is well established, Peter has great insight and smart ideas to help improve efficiency and achieve operational excellence."

Neil McCurdy, COO


"I worked with Peter for over 6 years.  During that time, Peter's team closed our books, handled all the quarterly payments, made us GAAP compliant, helped us manage our cash flow and answered auditor’s questions besides other key functions.  We finally grew to the size that we needed full time financial controller help, and Peter helped us identify that key individual to take his place as well as train that person."

Dan Shorett, COO

Field Roast


"Peter came to us in a critical time when we needed expertise and efficiency desperately. Peter helped us get the expertise of an objective controller without the expense of a full time in-house controller. His guidance and steady hand has allowed us to come out of the recession much stronger than we went in to it. Now in part thanks to Peter we are able see a profitable future ahead of us."

Tim Jewett, CEO

Dykeman Architects 

"We have worked closely with Peter for nearly 10 years. He has been instrumental to our business operations and strategy. Peter is a key partner for our agency."

Lorne Richmond, CEO

Richmond Public Relations

“Peter’s and his team’s wisdom and expertise has been integral to our success and growth. In the past I've worried whether or not we were always in compliance and never 100% sure if we were missing something. Those concerns are long gone.


"We appreciate how his team embraces the latest technology and recommends relevant solutions to help us manage our growth. Especially taking the time to educate us on how to read a balance sheet!”

Ben Greene, President

Greene Information Systems

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